Individual Therapy

Individual therapy involves understanding your past and present thoughts, emotions, and experiences to better experience our futures. Individual therapy is for people of all ages.

Diagnostics & Assessment

Psychological testing starts identifying issues that may be affecting your mental health including disorders, behaviors, or diagnoses. Diagnostics and assessment are for people of all ages.

Couples & Family Therapy

Couples and family therapy assists with relationships and familial dynamics that may need support, improvement or a safe space to resolve conflict.

School-based Evaluations

In supporting children and adolescents, we collaborate with educators and parents to plan and carry out the most effective interventions.

Group Therapy & Workshops

Beech Tree provides a variety of groups and workshops to encourage interpersonal relationships and learning cooperatively.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is an integrative mental health profession that enriches therapy through active art-making, creative process, and a non-judgmental space to explore expressions nonverbally. Art therapy is for people of all ages.

Appointment Request

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