We are living in a time of great uncertainty and increased social isolation. This combination can take quite a toll on our mental health.

Seeking mental health care at this time?

We continue to offer mental health care during this time of need. We have clinicians with immediate availability via telehealth. We are able and willing to see children, adolescents, and adults. We may be able to help whether you need some extra support during this time or are looking to establish a longer-term therapeutic relationship. Please feel free to contact us here. We will be in touch as quickly as possible to set up your initial appointment.


Looking for helpful resources?

There is a lot being shared online to help cope with the changes from COVID-19. Our clinician's share some of their favorite resources that pertain to the new challenges we are facing.


For parents and children:

Dr. Brown encourages parents of young children to check out the nonprofit organization Zero to Three for information about parenting during this time of uncertainty. For example, they posted a link to a PBS.org article, "How to Talk to Your Kids about Coronavirus" (with resources and activities).

Dr. Hoffman suggests this video by Natasha Daniels created specifically for children and teens about "Adapting to the New Normal."


For adults or older teens:

Dr. Neukam-Helms recommends this article about coping during COVID-19 and not expecting too much of yourself as you're adjusting to a new lifestyle.

Dr. Pratt shares this article that explains how some anxiety symptoms can mimic illness symptoms and includes some ideas to help manage anxiety during this time.

Dr. Crain encourages you to find your MARC: Each day...each and every day...we have to find our MARC. We have to Move. We have to get Air (fresh). We need a Routine. And we need to Connect (creatively). We have to find our MARC. Read more here.


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