School-based Consulting

Beech Tree partners with local educators to identify children and adolescents experiencing learning delays and behavioral difficulties.

Psychoeducational Assessment Services

Except for family, almost no one spends as much time with our children as educators. That’s why, along with parents, we involve you – teachers, learning aids, academic resource specialists, and academic administrators- in the process of identifying how to best support students. Our comprehensive psycho-educational assessments consider various observational, testing, classroom, and interpersonal data to best understand student’s strengths and areas for growth. We work collaboratively with the academic team to determine the most effective intervention strategies to assist both students and educators.

Our priority is to provide schools and students with comprehensive and empirically supported assessments quickly and affordably. We have over 12 year of experience in assisting schools to meet funding deadlines while allowing your school control of your special education dollars.

Contact us for more information on how we can assist your school in providing comprehensive and cost-effective psychoeducational assessments.

Success for Students

Let’s work as a team to best engage your students in their path to learning. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive school based services.

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