Couples & Family Therapy

Couples & Family Therapy

Couples and family therapy gives a different opportunity to traditional individual therapy. For one, couples and family therapy is brief in nature and tends to require less time than the average individual treatment, according to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. Another benefit to couples and family therapy is the ability to work out arguments, communication concerns, patterns, and emotions with all parties simultaneously. Furthermore, couples and family therapy helps with relationship satisfaction, as well as depression, anxiety, individual psychological problems, and parent-child conflict.

Couples and family therapy has been described as creating the kind of relationship you want to come home to. Indeed, relationships are challenging with differing stories, backgrounds, beliefs, needs, and personalities coming together to live in connection with one another. Sometimes we just feel stuck and need a hand in creating the kind of relationship we want. Whether you have found yourself in your relationship thinking, “we always fight about___”? or “will this ever get better?” there is help available.

Where can I find more information on couples and family therapy?

The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy provides information about marriage and family therapists, understanding the benefits of working with a marriage and family therapist, and frequently asked questions in this article and video.

Gottman spent over 30 years researching couples and you can read more about what he discovered.

Timing Is Everything When It Comes To Marriage Counseling

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