Beech Tree partners with local educators to identify children and adolescents experiencing learning delays and behavioral difficulties.



Tell me and I forget.
Teach me and I remember.
Engage me and I learn.

— Benjamin Franklin



Psychoeducational Assessment Services

Except for family, almost no one spends as much time with a child than educators.

That’s why, along with parents, we involve you – teachers, learning aides and academic resource specialists – to develop comprehensive Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and alternative interventions specifically targeted to an individual student’s academic needs. Our expertise in mental health and learning styles means we can integrate treatment for the underlying psychological issues with effective academic-oriented interventions for each student who needs our help.

Our priority is to provide a child’s educators with comprehensive and empirically supported findings quickly and at affordable rates. We will ensure your academic resource teams meet all required deadlines for special education funding while allowing your school to maintain control of your special education dollars.



Contact us to start working with your school if you desire more effective interventions for your students.